We are now hiring.
Science and technology drive our trading and investment decisions.
Unnoted is a proprietary trading firm seeking exceptional returns in alternative asset classes. Science and technology drive our trading and investment decisions. The quality and character of our people are what define us.

Probabilistic regression

We are unconventional.
Capturing outsized returns often requires us to go against the grain and pave our own path.

We believe that the best opportunities are often found in unexpected places.

Our work is guided by methods from a diverse set of fields: computer science, statistics, signal processing, and finance.

We empower and challenge one another to be the best at what we do, regardless of our competitors.

We value.


The hardest problems can't be solved alone.

Bias for action

We don't hesitate to take calculated risks.

Intellectual curiosity

We never know where the next edge will come from.


Work is just one aspect of our lives, not everything.


We take responsibility for what we do.

We are hiring.

Unnoted is always on the lookout for exceptional software engineers and researchers.

Reach out.
We are located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
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